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Better Technology for Better Dental Treatments

Residents of Dallas, TX rely on us for oral cancer screenings and more

At Midway Dental Solutions, we believe better technology leads to better treatments. When you visit our clinic in Dallas, TX for an oral cancer screening or digital imaging procedure, we'll leverage some of the most cutting-edge technology available to improve your oral health.

Dental technology we work with includes:

  • Florescent technology: highlights abnormalities in the mouth to help identify potential oral cancer at an earlier stage than conventional oral cancer screenings
  • Intraoral scanner: used as an alternative to messy impression material; highly beneficial for patients suffering with strong gag reflex
  • DiagonalDent: dental laser technology that helps identify bacteria in the grooves of teeth, allowing dentists to create more precise treatments plans that save time and money for the patient
  • Digital imaging: reduces exposure to radiation compared to traditional X-rays; captures highly detailed images immediately
  • 3D printing for surgical guides: increases predictability of surgical procedures by allowing the surgeon to anticipate details of surgery ahead of time
  • Laser technology: used in a number of procedures in place of traditional incisions; less invasive than traditional techniques
  • Biostimulation: improves healing of tissues and reduces discomfort

With dedicated 3D imaging and dental laser technology, we're able to pick up on potential issues that other dentists may miss. Schedule an appointment today to take a proactive approach with your oral health.

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